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    We help people recover from; Trauma – Childhood Trauma – Depression & Anxiety


    Help with Trauma

    Help with Trauma

    Help with Depression

    Help with Depression

    Help with Anxiety

    Help with Anxiety

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    Welcome ...

    I’m not a great fan of long words & fancy titles, i think it can be even more confusing and distressing. It’s much simpler to say that I’ve been helping people heal from Trauma, Depression & Anxiety, I’ve been doing it for over 25 years & I’m qualified and accredited to do it! I have two practices one in Bristol & one in Bridgwater.

    My specialism is working with people who have experienced childhood trauma. That said i also support people with a wide range of mental health issues.

    Its daunting reaching out to a stranger, especially if you experience anxiety. I offer a free initial consultation for exactly that reason. No obligation, no pressure just a chat to see if i’m someone you can work with. You can make your own free appointment using the “ready to start?” button.

    I’d be really happy to meet you.

    James Staysia MSC Couns Psych – MSW

    How our sessions work

    Discovery – We work to understand who you are, what your journey has been like, how you became you.

    Planning – We build a custom (flexible) treatment plan that works through the issues you need support for.

    Together – We process the issues we discovered, building understanding and developing a toolbox of strategies.

    Support – Every step of the way, right by your side until we reach the goals of the treatment.

    All our sessions include; Unlimited emails with your therapist, access to your own private online journal, Access to our unique “between sessions” resources.

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    How does it work?

    How does it work?

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    Get in touch

    Some background

    Arkesie began life in 2004 as a provider for therapeutic support for people in crisis. Our vision was to build a centre of excellence offering people from all walks of life access to a complete treatment facility. Over the many years, we have streamlined our treatment to focus on Childhood Trauma, Complex Trauma, Depression & Anxiety. We also offer subsidised therapy for vulnerable groups.

    We focused on developing and adapting the various treatments for these issues including C.B.T – D.B.T – I.P.T, as well as a fully integrative Psychotherapeutic approach. We are constantly evaluating new ways of approaching mental health issues in the light of research and new methods so we always remain current.

    We work with people on a one-to-one basis & we also hold group days & training events & workshops throughout the year offering specific training as well as an opportunity to network & gain support.

    Our mission is to provide open & transparent psychotherapeutic care using the best up-to-date treatments through a valuable, relationship-based alliance. As such we always welcome feedback & suggestions.

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