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    What is Arkesie

    Hi, most people don’t bother reading the “about” page but for those few that might ! My Name is Jimi Katsis, I’m a Consultant psychotherapist based in Bristol, I am the lead psychotherapist and managing director of Arkesie.

    Almost everyone mispronounces the name of my clinic, i didn’t name it to be clever, but it does link to my Greek roots! (pronounced “ark easy”) it comes comes from the Greek word for “We begin. I felt it was a fitting title for what we do, which is offer a new way of feeling and understanding of what is going on inside your mind, and how we can start working towards a better way of feeling about yourself.

    My passion has always been understanding why we as humans behave how we do, and how we can become ensnared in the spiders’ web of mental health problems and how we can change how we think to change how we feel about ourselves and the world we live in.

    Why i do this work

    I became a psychotherapist because I believe that with the right input and support, people in the most difficult circumstances and mindset can transform. I’ve been a witness to that transformation so many times, it’s one of my greatest joys.

    My organisation is very focused on providing the best, most up-to-date treatment for Trauma, Childhood Trauma, Anxiety, and Depression. Both I and my team provide a range of tried and tested interventions and methods that work towards supporting you into a better, more authentic self.

    If it feels like the world is against you, that no one understands, if it feels impossible and unbearable, I totally believe positive change can happen. I work to support people to find the changes they want in their lives. Using my training, experience, and humanity.

    If you need support now, click the button below to get in touch. I’m really happy you are here, we can start walking this journey together.

    Jimi D Katsis MBACP 

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