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    How does it work?

    Working with Arkesie

    What to expect

    Deciding to begin therapy is sometimes scary. Not sure what to expect, how it will feel, how much it will cost. This section should tell you all you need to know. You can request a session via the phone, email, or using our online form.

    The first session is always free and can last up to 30 minutes. The first session is free because we feel it’s really important that we can introduce ourselves and see if we can work together.

    Therapy works through a trusting, safe relationship. So the connection is important, also checking out if what your feeling is due to a medical condition rather than psychological is also important.

    First Free Session

    During the first session, we should develop a fair grasp of what is going on for you and what you’d like to do about it, and by the end of the first session, we should be in a position to create a treatment plan for you. If for whatever reason the first session wasn’t enough or that the situation you are in is very complex we will provide another free session. Once we can present a treatment plan and you are happy with our suggestions we can begin.

    Treatment Plan

    The treatment plan is a transparent road map of your therapeutic journey with us. It will have a summary of the issues you presented with our input on what we feel the issues are and how we are going to go about helping you. It will contain a list of what we want to achieve after each session so we can track what has worked and what needs a different approach. We will provide our methodology (what type of therapy we will use) and our reason for it. We will state how many sessions we think you will need to achieve the goals set out in the treatment plan. It’s important to state that the treatment plan is not fixed, it’s a flexible road map that will change and grow as we work together.

    Sessions & Cost

    All our sessions take place online due to the COVID restrictions. we use several online platforms, SKYPE, Zoom to name just two. We will also support you using direct calls and emails.

    Session costs; are £55 for 60 minutes, £40 for 45 minutes, we also provide a check-in session for £30. All fees are paid via PayPal, bank transfer, or via payment apps. All session fees are paid in advance of each session at the time they are booked.

    Making a Free Initial Consultation; Our initial Free Session is booked using our online calendar where you can choose a time that suits you. All our Free sessions are conducted on a Saturday. If this is a problem, please let us know and we will make special arrangements. You can get to our calendar here;


    Confidentiality is absolute.

    We will not share your name, contact details, or session details with anyone.

    Our practice is built on absolute trust.